Having been on holiday and trying to catch up with a few bits and pieces I've been a bit behind with the short film challenges. The next one will be out at the end of the week and will be the last one for the next couple months. If you've not joined in yet, feel free [...]

I've been meaning to update the blog since arriving in Hawaii. I have a few photos and videos of what we've been up to but just haven't found the time to update this thing... soon! I was also waiting to update the blog until I had something a bit more noteworthy to show. A few [...]

Last week the wonderful guys and gals over at Cinetics released their latest product: the CineSquid This comes off the back of a hugely successful kickstarter campaign that launched the CIneSkates product. Simply put, CineSkates are three skateboard type wheels that turn a Joby Gorillapod into an amazing dolly type system. The CineSquid design takes [...]

As this is the first post, I feel like there is a bit of an obligation to explain the purpose of the blog and the goals for it. In short: My hope is that this space can be an opportunity: to share meaningful content in regards to the film making industry to highlight and discuss [...]