Fourth #60secondfilmchallenge: Timelapse

The fourth sixty second challenge: Timelapse

This fourth instalment of the #60secondfilmchallenge has been chosen primarily out of selfish reasons…

I’m going on a wee holiday to the Outer Hebrides and hope to do a fair bit of timelapse photography while out there.

This is pretty straight forward. You can either do one 60 second long timelapse, or do multiple timelapses cut together to make up the time. This can be done on a DSLR (with Magic Lantern intervalometer or an external one), a GoPro, or most smartphones have apps (paid and free) if you want to have a go at smartphone timelapse photography.

For compiling the photos and turning them into a video, there are several software packages out there. Some are more complex than others. If you don’t have access to an NLE or After Effects, then check out Panolapse. This wil get you some pretty stunning results at 720p for the free version (or higher resolutions for the paid version).

Don’t know where to begin? Try out some of these helpful tutorials!

Vincent Laforet Tutorial

Learn Timelapse Tutorial