Third #60secondfilmchallenge: Silhouettes

The third sixty second film challenge: Silhouettes

This next challenge is meant to stay in the path of a simple concept, but should require a bit more thought in regards to shot composition and exposure. Finding an interesting subject will also be a bit more of a priority to really capture something interesting.

In the short film above, an interesting concept is played out in trying to telling a story completely in silhouettes. Perhaps this is something you’d like to try to do in 60 seconds?

What do you think, did it work? 

Maybe you’d like to cut together a string of inspiring moving silhouettes. That is up to you!

Some inspiration

If you are looking for a bit more advice on how to get some nice silhouettes, check out the links below:

If you still need some more inspiration, check out this collection of great silhouettes.

The Challenge: Make a 60 second video only using silhouettes

As per usual, if anyone is wanting to join in on the fun, upload your video to the Vimeo Group.

Next challenge announced around June 30th!