Second #60secondfilmchallenge: Lens Whacking

The Second 60 second film challenge: Lens Whacking*

This next challenge is meant to continue on with the relatively simple concept. To be sure, making best use of this technique is not totally simple, but it is an easy enough concept to have a go with! In short, this technique involves disconnecting the lens from your camera and then holding the lens roughly where it should be. By twisting, turning and adjusting the degree of angle the lens is in front of the camera, you can get some pretty cool effects (lens flare, light leaks, etc). Check out the links below for some additional explanation and examples.

Check out another example

visit James’ site here:

The Challenge: Make a 60 second video made up of some cool lens whacking!

Be sure to upload it to the Vimeo Group by 15 June 23:59

*PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! Holding the lens in your hand rather than securing it to the camera makes it much more likely to drop the lens= BAD NEWS!

*Also, removing the lens from the body makes it much more likely for dust or other bad things to get onto your sensor… be mindful of your surroundings and don’t leave the lens off any longer than necessary!