Let the Games Begin! [60sec Film Challenges]

#60sec flyer

As an ‘independent filmmaker’ –[ read: I have a camera and film degree]– as well as being a new dad, I have found that I do not possess an abundance of time to be able to go out and shoot a lot of films just for fun. I am gratefully employed in a position where I get to teach others the basics of digital filmmaking, yet finding the time –[read: making the time and putting in the effort]– to be involved with other creative projects never seems to materialise.

Since late 2012 I began to think about some short creative endeavours that would force me to work on specific skills, rather than trying to come up with fully crafted projects. This was never intended to replace the desire to make short films, but rather to supplement the skills developed from spending time behind the camera/ editing/ grading/ etc.

Here’s the Plan:

To shoot and edit  a short video (60 seconds max) every 2 weeks. Each 2 week cycle will have a different focus on a specific technique or style.

Some current ideas:

  • Video Portrait
  • Dramatic Lighting
  • Timelapse
  • Tilt Shift Effect
  • HDR Video
  • Slider only
  • Slow Motion (60fps> 24fps)
  • Turn that film into 1000fps?
  • Stop Motion
  • Macro Only
  • Silhouette
  • Lens whacking
  • Puppet tool animation of inanimate object
  • Single Take with at least 3 different Colour Grades
  • All B&W

The plan is to upload the video to the designated Vimeo group by the end of each 2 week cycle. The more people who want to get involved the better.

What do you think? Any other ideas or suggestions for themes?

First Challenge Starts 19th of May [1 June Upload]