Progress is being made!!

despite popular belief, progress is being made on the edit for Hope for the Island in the Philippines.

I’m roughly 16 mins in… what do I still need to do?

  • find 2 (maybe 3) more music tracks that fit: intro and outro
  • finish editing the intro
  • find some good b roll for over top a few short interview clips
  • confirm edit–> lock edit

Then comes the fun (and not so fun) bits:

  • clean up audio
  • clean up transitions
  • Colour Correct/ Grade
  • Titles
  • double check everything
  • check again
  • export


The goal is to have the rough edit done by the end of the weekend so it can be fine tuned and then locked (mid November?). From there I can move on to finishing everything else up for the end of November? That would be a dream come true!



And yes, there are more blogs on the way, but I need to get this done first!

  • GoPro app and live preview
  • Camera roundup for 2012 (new Sony F5 on the way still!)
  • DSLR sensor cleaning
  • New gear review
  • some creative/ filmmaking goals for 2013 and more!