SONY F65 firmware v.2.0 & NEX-EA50EH

This afternoon (around 1545 GMT) Sony was in the midst of making several announcements. After talking about their professional broadcasting innovations, the topic moved on to a few quick, but interesting developments in the film and video range of products.

First up, was their announcement of a new firmware upgrade (v. 2.0) for the F65. Although there wasn’t much said about this, it does bring some major improvements: 1) 120FPS in 4K… this will allow the F65 to compete with other cameras (C500, RED Epic). 2) the F65 will now have a new Anamorphic mode.

[Below is a screen shot of the live stream showing off the 4k 120fps out of the new firmware upgrade]

Next up was the announcement (more officially) of the new NEX-EA50EH. It has an APS-C Super35 sensor and makes use of the latest mirrorless technology that Sony has to offer. A shoulder mounted Super35 camera is a relatively new product in the market, which may wind up tempted many people to pay a bit more attention to the NXCAM line-up. Being a mirrorless camera, with detachable 35mm lenses, users would not have to deal with some of the obstacles that DSLRs put in the way. Could this turn into a more legitimate option for filmmakers desiring to have a relatively inexpensive non DSLR option for obtaining shallow depth of field?

We’ll see how it all turns out in the weeks and months ahead!