Back to Work

After being away for 4 months, it has taken a bit of time to get settled back into life here in Glasgow. It took a few weeks, but I’ve finally managed to get the workspace back up and running, just in time to get back to editing all the footage from the Philippines.

There is much to go through and edit. What started out as a project to make a 15-20 min video has turned into make a 15 min overview film, a 2-3 min promo video, 7 individual project videos and 7 individual staff member videos… 16 videos in all. It is great to be able to maximise all the great footage that I was able to capture during our two weeks at Hope for the Island!

However, along with making all those videos comes the time needed to put it altogether. Combine that with using this as motivation to learn Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and now I’m in for some long days ahead!

Having been most familiar with Final Cut Studio (FCP7), it will be a bit of a task to jump into Premiere Pro. I’ve only really used After Effects CS5 and after a couple discouraging attempts of loading up my project files to CS5, CS6 couldn’t have come at a better time for me.


I can now edit my Canon 60D footage natively with 64-bit support, making the most out of 8GB of RAM, Warp Stabiliser, dynamic linking to After Effects, and the list could go on and on.

Suffice to say, I will now get back to work and hopefully have some clips to post up here soon, as well as a final 15 min video that will be posted on HIF’s website later this year.