Messing about with After Effects

“I’ve never done anything like this”

That’s what was going through my mind as I got the call asking if I could make a few 10 second idents for the Atrium at CLAN Gathering in 2011. Well, to be sure, I first had to ask what an ident was.

Having messed around with some motion graphics previously, I thought I’d might as well give it a go. I always appreciate new challenges. Even when I have a simple idea in mind, it somehow becomes much more involved than I anticipated. This project was no different.

In the midst of doing some research and writing up papers for the course I was taking, I tried my hand at these idents. Having recently purchased ‘Evolution’, ‘Riot Gear’, ‘Pro Scores’ and ‘Designer Sound FX’ from Video Copilot, I figured at the least this could be a good chance to get more familiar with them. Anyone familiar with ‘Evolution’ will be quick to notice that the first clip is more of a variation of a template than an original idea, but it was a fun start.

The second one is my favourite. The background came about as I was clicking on different transfer modes until I found something I liked. It looked good to me so I took it from there. In the third clip, I quickly wished I had more experience in 3d programs so I could create text that wasn’t so flat, but I tried to make it work.

Having a relatively short time frame to finish, in the midst of concurrent projects, I was pretty pleased with the finished idents.

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a graphic designer or artist… (without the help of other design tools such as Video Copilots products, I’d be lost!)*


*atrium ident3 is currently unavailable as I don’t have vimeo plus yet and have reached the “upload limit”…  I guess that’s how it goes some times. I’ll update the post next week when I can get atrium3 up!*