Intro to VFX

Getting started with Visual Effects

Skillset has recently teamed up with UK Screen and made a couple of short films aimed at encouraging young people to consider a career in the VFX Industry.
There have been two films produced, one aimed for those ages 10 and up, and the other for 15 and up:


Ages 10+


Ages 15+


After watching these videos it made me want to go and spend some more time developing some of the skills required for working in the VFX Industry! I’ve had a chance to play about with After Effects, Nuke, Blender and Messiah, but with the exception of After Effects I never managed to get past the first couple tutorials found online. I’d love to spend more time developing these skills if I could.

As far as I am aware, the creative industries are not going to be slowing up with the use of VFX in Films, Adverts, Pop promos, Video games and the list goes on and on. Making these films is a great start to getting young people more interested in the creative possibilities that lie in front of them and I hope that the campaign goes well. It would be fantastic to have more people getting involved in training for these industries, even from a young age.

If nothing else, it would make learning Maths & Science a bit more appealing for those who only wanted to do art!


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