Way to go Cinetics!

The CineSkates System from Cinetics
The new CineSquid mounts

Last week the wonderful guys and gals over at Cinetics released their latest product: the CineSquid

This comes off the back of a hugely successful kickstarter campaign that launched the CIneSkates product. Simply put, CineSkates are three skateboard type wheels that turn a Joby Gorillapod into an amazing dolly type system.

The CineSquid design takes the same idea and employs a system of three suction mounts, enabling the gorillapod to be attached to dozens of surfaces. The flexibility in the gorillapod means that a DSLR sized camera, GoPro or even an iPhone 4(S) can be attached quickly and easily to places never before possible (or at least not possible without a super ghetto setup or spendings loads of cash).

As I prepare to head out to the Philippines in April to make a video for Hope for the Island on Siargao Island, I quickly realised that this would be an incredible asset to the production. Unfortunately, I realised this one day too late.

One day after announcing the CineSquid system, Cinetics were sold out of their current stock, allowing customers to pre-order the suction cup mounts to be shipped by the 30th of April. Although this was later than I needed for the Philippines trip, I figured I’d give it a go as they’d be a great asset for future projects.

I ordered the CineSkates and CineSquid system in order to get the discount. After the order was complete it dawned on me that I was assuming the CineSkates could be shipped earlier, separately (yeah, I can be a bit slow sometimes). I emailed Cinetics and was surprised at how quickly they responded. Alison politely informed me that both products would be shipped together, but I could adjust my order to only include the CineSquid, thus saving my place in the queue, and buy the CineSkates separately to get them shipped ASAP.

-That was the conclusion reached after several emails back and forth and Alison offering great advice that I wouldn’t have thought of.

I quickly sorted out what I needed to and a couple days later my new CineSkates system was on it’s way to me. I am still hoping the CineSquid will arrive in time to take them out to the Philippines… but if not, then I will enjoy using them in Hawaii for a few months before returning to Scotland.

I couldn’t have had a better experience with Cinetics and look forward to whatever they come out with next!

check them out here: http://cinetics.com